Dragon Lords

Category Strategy
Active Installs 20,000+
Size 88.5 MB
Version 4.4.40
Offers IAP purchases


Dragon Lords is an epic fantasy strategy game with amazing 3D graphics! Build a fearsome castle, gather an indomitable army of elves and dwarves, recruit legendary heroes, use the magic of nature and the crushing power of dragons to make battles go your way. Prove that you are a wise commander, unite with friends into an unbreakable guild and become stronger together. Only the greatest have a chance to win! 

* Unique 3D graphics: stunning spells and unbelievable views, with completely free camera movement. 
* Lightning-fast PvP battles: show your valor and cunning, lead troops in battle or preserve your army and retreat at the right moment. 
* Guild wars: call your friends into a team and take part in battles together. 
* An epic PvE campaign: get ready for fun battles with the troops of the Black Sword Order.


The northern winds have brought with them the ill news of the Ice Golem's invasion:
 - Assemble a guild of allies and repel the monster's attack!
 - Get some crystals as a reward for defeating the Ice Golem.
 - Assist your allies in battle!
 - Increase your guild's prize fund!
Our mages have decided to gain control over the power of the elements, and so they have prepared a surprise for you:
 - New unit—Ice Golem New levels are also now available:
 - Watchtower
 - Guardian Serpent


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