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Quran Stories - Interactive 3D Book for Kids

A captivating collection of story - games “Quran stories” is collection of beautiful and illuminative stories from the Noble Quran, which is published in the form of animated book accompanied by attractive games for children.

This product is the result of work in Mehad Animation and Game Production Studio in order to introduce children all over the world at the age between 3 to 10 to stories narrated in the Noble Quran, as well as introducing to them prophets of God and Islamic concepts and teachings. We have tried to implement simple language, which corresponds children’s comprehension.

The first chapter “Quran stories” encapsulates interesting and remarkable content and graphics, which is supplemented with 10 story-games for children and the audience interested in Quran all over the world. The whole content of this chapter will be published gradually until the end of the year 2018 in 15 international languages. 

Stories of First Chapter “Quran stories” are as follows:

1. The Story of Abraham, the Destroyer of Idols and His Struggle with Nimrod, the Cruel King of Babylon

2. The Story of Moses (peace be upon him) and the Arrogant and Prideful Qarun

3. The Story of the prophet Solomon and the Queen of Saba

4. The Story of Childhood and Adolescence of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (May the Peace of Allah and His Blessings Be upon Him)

5.The Story of Saul and Goliath and the Fight of young David with Goliath

6. The Story of Abraham and Samuel and the Incident of Hajar in Mecca 

7. The Story of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad’s Ascension and His Journey to 7 Heavens

And three other additional beautiful and exciting stories from celestial book the Noble Quran will be soon added to our software:

8. The Story of Noah (PBUH) and his Ark of Salvation of the Believers

9. The Story of Moses (PBUH): from His Childhood until the Salvation of Sons of Israel from Pharaoh

10. The Story of Jesus (PBUH): from His Birth until His Ascension

Expect upcoming interesting news and productions for children from us!

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