Who we are

Bazaar is a leading Android marketplace in Iran, developed by Avaye Hamrahe Hooshmande Hezardastan and owned by Hezardastan Information Technology Development Group.

Cafe Bazaar was originally launched in early 2011 by a group of Iranian graduates and students (well, some of them left their studies to pursue their new passion). Cafe Bazaar has since had the privilege of having some talented, enthusiastic Iranian IT experts and developers on board to provide digital distribution services mainly to Persian-speaking Android users.

What we do

Mobile app and game industry has dramatically expanded all over the world. Iran, a country with 82.1 % Internet penetration, has, over the past few years, also witnessed a noticeable growth in demands for mobile applications and games, along with a boost in the number of native developers and publishers.

Cafe Bazaar is endeavoring to maintain sustainable advantages over other digital distribution services such as Android markets, by providing localized, tailored services to its users in the region as well as hosting apps and games developed and produced by Iranians. Cafe Bazaar also hosts a good amount of quality contents developed by non-Iranians, and supports English language for users from all over the world.

What makes us different

Our wide-ranging services include providing:

  • Locally developed or localized apps and games which support Persian.

  • Easy-to-use, local payment methods.

  • Hand-picked contents by Cafe Bazaar’s editorial team.

  • A 24/7 support by our customer care department both for users and developers.

Facts and figures

Based on the Cafe Bazaar’s latest annual report (2017-18) and the updated data, there are over 38 million active installs of Cafe Bazaar, 98% of which is within Iran.

There are, at the moment, over 162,000 local apps and games published on Cafe Bazaar, developed by over 23,800 active developers with at least one published title. Non-Iranian developers and publishers have also shown interest in cooperating with Cafe Bazaar during the recent years, and approximately 120 of whom have published more than 800 high quality apps officially targeting Iranian users.

About our shareholders and partners

Cafe Bazaar is a product of Avaye Hamrah Hooshmand Hezardastan corporation which is owned by Hezardastan Information Technology Development Group (shareholded by a number of Iranian and international individuals and entities).

Hezardastan group shareholders are:


Share (Percent)

Founders and managers 39.65
Employees’ incentive 1.31
Rahnema Kamyaban Nokhostin Co. 29.92
Novin Andishan Sarava Pars Co. 19.22
Other legal entities


Incentive share committed to employees


Our business partners are developers with published apps on Cafe Bazaar.

Where we are based

Having started developing Cafe Bazaar application in a small office, the founders were soon joined by several keen developers and IT experts, and before long, they were made to move to bigger offices as the company grew to be one of the most successful in the industry. Cafe Bazaar’s headquarter is now a modern, 6-story building designed in bold colors with lots of natural lighting, plant partitions, and recreational spaces for a mixture of work, fun, and laughter in the heart of Sa'adat Abad, Tehran, Iran.

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Twitter: @cafebazaar and @cafebazaarlife

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